Simple Pleasure

Duration: 90 & 120 min
Price: $140 & $200
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To maximize the healing and relaxing pleasures of your full-body massage, Spa Pure offers two options to warm and soften your muscles as a perfect prelude.

30 minutes in the Ganban Yoku followed by either a 60 or 90 minute massage.

Option A: Recommended – Our Ganban Yoku treatment bathes you in warm herbal steam in the privacy of your own full-body dome. Wrapped in a towel, you’ll lie atop a bed of pure, dense Indian granite prized for its completely safe and natural far infrared energy. As we warm the stone to a gentle 103 degrees, it produces a deep sweat that increases circulation without raising your heart rate, flushes toxins from your cells, and stimulates your skin’s own youth-enhancing collagen, leaving your skin smooth, shiny and radiant.


Option B: Start with your choice of 30 minutes of herbal therapy in our Ganban Yoku steam dome or 30 minutes of tropical bath therapy in our couples soak tub. Your bath will feature products by Ola, all-natural and handmade in Hilo, Hawaii, or Phytoceane, whose skin-rejuvenating seaweed treatments are harvested from the pristine waters of Brittany, France. A special germanium metal plate in the tub stimulates a mild sweat in warm water, enhancing the revitalizing effects of your therapy.


Now slip between ultra-soft sheets and let the experienced hands of your massage therapist work their magic on you. Feel free to discuss health issues and massage preferences with your therapist, and then luxuriate in the ultimate full-body tropical oil massage.