All our massages are performed on sheets so soft they induce sighs, using massage oils handmade with farm-fresh ingredients from Hilo. And all massages can be tailored to your needs.

Please feel free to discuss your health and massage goals with your therapist. Choose any of the following or a combination of techniques. A pure relaxation massage? With pleasure. Deep-tissue work on your neck and shoulders, followed by a sports massage? No problem.


Long, fluid effleurage strokes are gentle on the muscles and leave you blissfully relaxed. Aromatic massage oils enhance the smooth glide across your skin. No pressure points. Total pampering. And a lot of ahhh.


Unknot your tightest muscles with Japan’s traditional pressure-point massage. No oil is used — your therapist places a light towel on your skin and applies quick, rhythmic finger strokes that balance sensitivity with vigor. Perfect for undoing knots in those especially stressed areas.

Lomi Lomi Massage

Relieve muscle aches with this traditional style from ancient Hawaii. Your therapist will alternate between firm, flowing strokes with his or her forearm, dispersing pressure over a wider area, and deeper elbow pressure. A gentler approach to relaxing tight muscles than direct pressure-point massage.

Sports Massage

Great for muscles that are conditioned to the rigors of exercise. A light warm-up before a sports activity, a decompressing treatment afterward, or a deep-tissue maintenance session for in-between.

Pregnancy Massage

For those mothers to be!


Relieve tension. Stimulate your chi. This Asian practice uses direct pressure to your hands and feet to send energy along your body’s meridians to the areas that need it.

Foot Massage

For tired feet that need some TLC. Need details

Just Perfect Massage

Just the perfect massage!

Four Hands Massage

Why receive a massage from only one therapist, when you can have two therapists simultaneously adding extra dimensions to the possibilities of relaxation!

Massages for Spa Connoisseurs

For those accustomed to conventional massages, Spa Pure has connoisseur-level offerings that go beyond the traditional spa repertoire.

Rhythm into Space

Pressure points are softly held until they release pent-up tension, achieving the sensation of space expanding within your body. Blending shiatsu methods with traditional Hawaiian lomi lomi massage, your therapist alternates pressure point focus with broad, invigorating, tension-breaking strokes of the forearms. No stretching, no rocking. Deeply calming.

Now That’s What I Was Looking For

The big crowd pleaser. Your therapist focuses highly concentrated, repetitive strokes on undoing knots and releasing stress from your entire back, shoulders and neck — or any area of concern — with time left over to balance the rest of your body.

Salt & Pepper

Flow, pause, deep press, gradual release, then softly pull, twist, compress, deep-press the length of a muscle fiber, repeat. This technique of balancing stretching with rhythmical compression uses traditional effleurage oil massage and passive range of motion, stimulating production of synovial fluid inside your joints. Gradual arm, leg and spine extensions provide mild myofascial stimulation within a soothing blend of mostly continuous, warm, relaxing effleurage.