Skin Care Extravaganza

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Duration: 3 hours
Price: $360
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A complete three-hour spa experience that will leave you so relaxed and radiant, you’ll never want to leave! We’ll start with a fragrant, moisturizing full-body scrub using fresh tropical ingredient hand-crafted by the Big Island’s Ola: Hawaiian Bath and Body Products.

With your skin thoroughly cleansed and refreshed, you’ll select a nurturing body mask or wrap from Ola’s tropical products or Phytoceane’s mineral-rich Deep Sea Mud Mask, harvested from the pristine, shipping-free waters off the coast of Brittany. Both deliver healing oils that will hydrate, protect and restore balance to your skin.

Now you’ll stretch out on the warm granite bed of our Ganban Yoku herbal steam dome. For 30 minutes the completely safe far-infrared energy of the stone will bring you to a deep sweat, opening your pores, flushing toxins from your cells and stimulating production of your skin’s own youth-enhancing collagen.

A refreshing shower and an interlude for tea and fresh fruit follow. Now the finale: You’ll slip between plush sheets for an indulgent full-body butter massage, while our aesthetician pampers you with a full facial and scalp massage. You’ll leave feeling completely relaxed, rejuvenated and glowing from head to toe.