Beautiful Body, Beautiful Face

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Duration: 2.5 hours
Price: $240
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A head-to-toe package of massage, facial and skin treatments that will leave you relaxed and revitalized from the inside out.

Begin with a body-softening prelude. Wrapped in a towel, you’ll lie in your own private Ganban Yoku herbal steam dome and let the gentle warmth of the pure granite bed envelop you in its completely safe, natural far-infrared energy. You’ll be bathed in a deep, cleansing sweat that will flush toxins from your cells, stimulate your skin’s production of anti-aging collagen, and leave your whole body shiny, smooth and radiant.

Your now-softened muscles are in a perfect state to enjoy your spa massage and facial. Using long, smooth effleurage strokes, your therapist will begin your massage as you lie face down on ultra-soft sheets. The pampering continues with a facial and mask using handmade tropical products by Ola. As the mask dries, your aesthetician gently massages your neck, arms and legs.

Two and a half hours extends the bliss with a full 60-minute spa massage and a full 60-minute facial.