Spa for Couples

Pair Specialganbanyoku-couple-spa

Double your pampering pleasure with  our four-treatment tandem spa package you can enjoy with your partner, best friend or anyone you choose. All couples massage treatments are performed in the privacy of a space just for two.

Begin by unwinding in the cleansing steam of our Ganban Yoku herbal steam dome. Wrapped in a plush towel, you’ll stretch out on a slab of pure Indian granite and let its natural far-infrared energy envelop you in a deep sweat that opens your pores, stimulates production of youth-enhancing collagen and leaves your skin shiny and radiant. Your whole body now feels soft and relaxed — perfect for a couples massage. You’ll each choose from a soothing Swedish massage, Japanese pressure-point shiatsu, traditional Hawaiian lomi lomi or even a sports massage if you wish.

Now you have a choice, both of which are the same price:  either remain on the massage table for a full one hour massage, or, after 30 minutes of massage, put on a bathing suit and proceed outside for a floating massage in our warm salt pool.

Immerse yourselves in the unique pleasures of an Ocean Massage, a warm saltwater therapy that harks back to ancient Hawaiians’ belief in the healing properties of the sea. In a private pool warmed to a balmy 96 degrees, our therapists will guide you through swirling full-body stretches while gently applying finger-point massage — an experience many clients describe as exhilarating.

Your perfect couples massage session ends with a serene wind-down soak in our large couples tub, fragrant with the tropical blends of your choice. Coconut? Lemongrass? Or restorative seaweed extracts from France? The tub is specially designed with a germanium inset that spurs a mild sweat in warm water. As if tandem relaxation weren’t blissful enough! It’s our way of extending Spa Pure’s healing effects and sending you back into the world more relaxed than you’ve ever felt.

Deluxe Pair Special

This is the same as the Pair Special, but with a full one hour ‘Just Perfect’ spa massage which is then followed by a 30 minute Ocean Massage in the warm salt pool, or, just a 90 minute ‘Just Perfect’ massage.

Couples Soak Tub

Enjoy a quiet soak in a luxurious tub for two. Choose from all-natural Ola baths featuring vitamin-rich tropical fruit, plant extracts and mineral salts from Hawaii’s land and sea, or a Phytomarin dried seaweed soak rich in ocean plant minerals from the pristine waters off Brittany, France.

As you bathe in aromatic warm water, you’ll experience a mild cleansing sweat. It’s an added benefit from a germanium metal plate we’ve installed to multi-layer the therapeutic properties of your bath. Your circulation and metabolism will be gently stimulated, your pores will open and you’ll emerge feeling calm and revitalized.

Highly recommended as a prelude to a full-body massage, or a post-massage wind-down.

Spa Party for 8

Whether you’re on a dream vacation with your love one or an unforgettable girls’ night out, get pampered as a group. This special package combines four Spa Pure treatments so that everyone gets 30 minutes of each, with leisurely breaks in between. Indulge in exhilarating relief with an Ocean Massage, a warm saltwater stretching and pressure point massage that harks back to ancient Hawaiians’ belief in the healing properties of the sea. We’ll warm our exclusive pool to a balmy 96 degrees, add therapeutic salts and let the expert hands of your therapist work their magic on you.

The indulgence continues with a session in a Ganban Yoku herbal steam dome. Wrapped in a towel, you’ll lie on a slab of pure Indian granite and let the stone’s far infrared warmth work up a deep sweat that opens pores, detoxifies cells and stimulates production of youthful collagen, leaving your skin smooth and silky. Feeling relaxed yet? The steam dome has perfectly warmed and softened your muscles for a full-body spa massage of your choice. Go with deep-tissue shiatsu, traditional Hawaiian lomilomi or the ultimate in relaxation, a Swedish massage, the long, smooth strokes softened with fresh aromatic oils. Ahh!

Your perfect wind-down awaits: a luxuriant tropical bath soak infused with Ola: Hawaiian Body Products in our couples tub. We’ve added a special touch to our tub — a metal plate made of germanium, which produces a mild sweat that further helps you detoxify. Chilled drinks and strawberries await you at the finish. You can, if you wish, continue the party with drinks in the chic waterfall atmosphere of the Courtyard Hotel’s Wy Bar — but as a not-quite-therapeutic benefit, that part is not included in the cost!