Around the World in 2 Hours

Duration: 2 hours
Price: $200
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Take the healing effects of Around the World in 90 Minutes even deeper with 50 percent more time devoted to each stretching, muscle-relaxing massage.

Start your session with a 30-minute revitalizing sweat in a private Ganban Yoku herbal steam dome. Wrapped in a comfy towel, you’ll lie on a gently warmed bed of pure Indian granite and let the stone’s natural, completely safe far-infrared energy bathe you in a detoxifying sweat. Your pores open. Cells detoxify and circulation improves. Your skin produces more youthful collagen. You’ll emerge glowing and relaxed.

Move on now to the unique sensations of a warm saltwater Ocean Massage. Fully supported by floating noodles and by your therapist, you’ll feel your muscles soften and stretch over 45 minutes as your therapist gently moves you through the water to maximize gentle massage strokes for a unique, exhilarating healing experience.

Supple and relaxed, you’ll move on to a 45-minute full-body spa massage of your choice. A smooth, relaxing Swedish massage? Traditional Hawaiian lomi lomi to vigorously work out stiffness from joints and muscles? Japanese pressure-point shiatsu for those stubborn knots? Or a post-workout sports massage? Stretch out on plush sheets and choose your fancy. It’s totally up to you.