Massages for Spa Connoisseurs

We offer one price for all individually customized massages.

For those accustomed to conventional massages, please consider our connoisseur-level offerings that go beyond the traditional spa repertoire.

Rhythm into Space

Pressure points are softly held until they release pent-up tension, achieving the sensation of space expanding within your body. Blending shiatsu methods with traditional Hawaiian lomi lomi massage, your therapist alternates pressure point focus with broad, invigorating, tension-breaking strokes of the forearms. No stretching, no rocking. Deeply calming.

Now That’s What I Was Looking For

The big crowd pleaser. Your therapist focuses highly concentrated, repetitive strokes on undoing knots and releasing stress from your entire back, shoulders and neck — or any area of concern — with time left over to balance the rest of your body.

Salt & Pepper

Flow, pause, deep press, gradual release, then softly pull, twist, compress, deep-press the length of a muscle fiber, repeat. This technique of balancing stretching with rhythmical compression uses traditional effleurage oil massage and passive range of motion, stimulating production of synovial fluid inside your joints. Gradual arm, leg and spine extensions provide mild myofascial stimulation within a soothing blend of mostly continuous, warm, relaxing effleurage.  Includes stretching and rocking, yet is still deeply calming, in a different way.

When you meet your therapist, the two of you will have a conversation and create a massage just for you.

30 minutes | $70

60 minutes | $130

90 minutes | $190

120 minutes | $2