Ganban Yokusimple

Duration: 30 min, private room
Price: $80 for one, $95 for two
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Ganban Yoku is a Japanese word meaning ‘stone bath.’ At SpaPure, we call it a granite sauna. An innovative therapy, Ganban Yoku relies on the natural deep-cleansing and skin-revitalizing properties of granite quarried from eons-old rock in India.

Wearing comfortable, loose clothing or a towel, you’ll lie under an herbal steam dome on a slab of pure granite. The stone is gently warmed to 103 degrees, releasing a very safe far-infrared energy that produces a deep, profuse sweat that flushes toxins from your cells and stimulates circulation without increasing your heart rate. Proponents say Ganban Yoku also increases metabolism and stimulates your skin’s production of youth-enhancing collagen.

The immediate results are undeniable: a glorious softening of stiff muscles, a clean, non-sticky sweat that you don’t need to shower off, and skin that’s radiant, smooth and shiny.